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13 September 2021


Last time, we talked about the Staff Augmentation Model and how it differs from a Dedicated Team Model when outsourcing for IT talent. From their costs and distribution of responsibility to even their stability and relationship dynamics. These were the questions that any business should consider before choosing a model for your product. Learn more about it here.

How talent is acquired when using a Staff Augmentation Model is one thing we didn’t talk about last time. So this time, we’ll be giving a closer look at the talent lifecycle in a staff augmentation model. Time to answer the question: how do we handle this part of the process?

What is the Teravision Technologies Talent Lifecycle?

For us, our talent lifecycle is the entire recruitment process of promising candidates for clients looking to work under a staff augmentation model. It is the heart and soul of this model, since it is the main responsibility of the service provider to bring in candidates for their clients.

It combines both a large reach to ensure a consistent pool of candidates coming in, and an in-depth assessment of said candidates’ skills and understanding of the technologies needed before handing them over to the client for their own interview and assessment process, if needed or desired. There are three phases to our talent lifecycle:


The first step to get anyone interested in working with you is attraction. From fostering a great work culture, to offering attractive benefits, there are many ways to attract potential candidates for a client’s projects. All that said, the main ingredient for attraction to work is to make yourself as present and visible as possible.

Brand awareness is key to keeping your opportunities open for new prospects to come into the pipeline. So, naturally, being where it matters most is important. From having an online presence, to attending seminars and any other speaking opportunities. These tactics can help expand your reach and attract more potential candidates for your clients.

These tactics can include having multiple channels where to post your open positions online, attending university events to give talks about your industry and prospects amongst the students, professional gatherings for seasoned veterans of industry if you’re looking for more senior professionals, among others.


It’s important to maintain that activity organized once the pipeline starts taking off. This, in order to filter out the valuable candidates from the rest. Keeping a workflow that allows you to maintain that pool of candidates is crucial. This, because you’ll be able to have a variety of candidates available to pull from on a short notice. Also, clients don’t lose momentum and can continue their operations as usual.

It’s also extensive in the screening process, making sure that candidates fit the client’s needs to the letter. From code challenges, to English and psychometric assessments, we make sure candidates fit basic requirements before moving on to full scale interviews and background checks. Clients can also participate in this process if they wish to verify for themselves the quality of candidates as well.

Career Path and Retention Plan

Once a client feels satisfied with a candidate, the path towards onboarding and keeping them comes next. Set up a concrete career path for candidates to follow, with goals and KPIs. This helps them visualize their progress, you bring value to them beyond compensation.

On top of that, with tools they can use for professional growth, like Pluralsight, you incentivize them to continue with the project, and even consider working with you in a different project towards the future. Remember, you don’t just want these prospects to stay with your project. You also want to help them grow over time so you can scale your activities with little worry about the learning curve.

Are You Ready to Hire a Staff Augmentation Service?

These are just a few things you can expect us to do for you by hiring Teravision Technologies as your Staff Augmentation provider, and there is more to come. So let’s get started and find you the right talent!

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