AWS and the New Cloud Computing Landscape for Small Businesses

May 28, 2021
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An Unexpected Boost to the Cloud Computing Market

COVID-19 has truly left a mark in a generation. The pandemic has served as a rude awakening for companies and people alike. It’s letting them know that the skills needed to pivot at a moment’s notice are as alive as ever.

This phenomenon occurred across multiple industries and markets, but its impact was particularly notable in the cloud computing industry. With the rising need for companies to adopt remote work to keep their staff safe and their businesses running, the need and demand for cloud solutions are at an all time high. Previous deadlines in 2025 being prioritized for late 2021 or early 2022. There are even talks of adopting fullstack, multi cloud solutions to meet said demand.

There is however one question that may come up for many people: what does this mean for small businesses? How will current cloud computing services fare in this new landscape? What needs to be the new normal?

What to Expect from the World of Cloud Computing

If we were to look at the pace of development right now, the words of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella ring true: “We’ve seen two years worth of digital transformation in two months”. All this because of the necessity to think about the world’s new normal, and the needs that come with it. 

Usage and access to onsite infrastructure has become challenging. This brings with them changes in how companies should view cloud strategies and what to prioritize. At one point, initiatives prioritized serverless, cloud native and container approaches, whereas the market seems to now point towards increased relevance for cloud migration, security, ops and value planning, as well DevSecOps initiatives. This allows for companies to face the challenges of IT complexity, security risks and operational efficiencies that the landscape is bringing to the table.

Can AWS Handle This New Landscape for Cloud Computing?

What is the short answer? Yes. One thing to remember is that AWS has managed to offer technologies at a rate of execution and clarity of vision that far surpasses its peers, something that it’s closest competitors couldn’t. On top of that, they have developed platforms and processes that conform with some of the strictest certifications of cloud security in the world, such as PCI-DSS, GDPR, among others. Even Disney+ has committed to AWS!

On top of everything mentioned above, AWS still holds a competitive edge on pricing. Even though your needs and prefered plan will heavily influence what you end up paying, just by looking at their virtual machines the hourly rate of their closest competitors is nearly 24% more expensive than AWS’ offer.

Can AWS be What Small Businesses are Looking For?

We strongly believe that AWS will maintain itself as the best option for small businesses to grow their digital products while keeping them scaleable for future developments, at accessible rates and with multiple products and features to choose from. Multi Cloud solutions are still a ways away for them, as they lack the needed muscle to properly hire multiple cloud computing providers at once.

So what does that mean for these companies strategy-wise? Well, startups in the making must keep digital transformation at the forefront when developing their business model. Also, those already in the market need to take their first steps towards it quickly if they haven’t already. The good news is that they don’t have to do that alone! We at Teravision Technologies are perfectly capable of guiding you through the digital transformation process, using our extensive knowledge of AWS. More than 90% of our portfolio use AWS for their infrastructure, and we’re a certified AWS partner. Rest assured, you’ll be in the right hands!

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