Fixed Scope Project

Global Governance Software (GGS)

Mobile App Development for Corporate Governance

Global Governance Software is a team of highly experienced and accomplished entrepreneurs, corporate advisors, and technology professionals brought together to provide enterprise clients with world-class Stakeholder Capital Management technology and services.

GGS has developed a SaaS technology Stakeholder Capital Management Platform (SCMP). that provides an end-to-end solution for all components of Shareholder, Board and Executive Engagement.

We at Teravision have worked in the Mobile App Development needed to extend the features of the SCMP in key areas like messaging, calendars, API and 3rd party integrations of social media platforms.

Technologies used: PHP
Engagement Model:

Fixed Scope Projects.

The Team:

The team worked in a Kanban format to solve each functionality at a time in several parts of the application.

  • Scrum Master
    Scrum Master
  • QA
    QA Tech Lead.
    1 QA Analyst.
  • Development
    Tech Lead.
    2 full stack Developers

The Solution.

GGS needed to move forward with some new functionalities and needed a team to constantly develop features, then integrate them with their main App in planned releases.

These are the basics of the GGS project.

  • The team developed features in different sections of the application. Including messenger, Calendar, address mapper, surveys and other functionalities.
  • Google and outlook API for in-app calendar syncing.
  • Youtube live streaming integration to display customer videos/events.
  • Twilio integration for messaging tasks.


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