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This Real Estate Marketplace of South Florida hired a Project Rescue before going to a long-term relationship is actually published as Beta (Dec 2018). After hard times to refactor their product from a previous software partner, the site is now up and selling properties!

To get a working MVP, our team started to work from half of 2018 with LoVendo’s Software team first on audit the current codebase. In parallel, a deep QA analysis was applied to them in order to propose a code refactoring path.

Good results on the audit lead to a software development relationship. Results talk by themselves, as of today we published the Beta version successfully and we are working together on growing the Web Marketplace.

Technologies used: Angular Js, CSS3, HTML5, MongoDB, MySQL, PHP, WordPress
Project Rescue
We work with a:

Software Audit, Fixed Scope Software Development, and Managed Team

The Team:

After findings of the audit process, the job became a turnkey Project Rescue to make all available assets run again according to final recommendations. The work includes to fix and develop the code as needed to come up with a shippable product.

  • Agile
    Scrum Master
  • QA
    QA Manager
    QA Analyst
  • Development
    Technical Lead
    Two Fullstack Developers
  • Architecture
    Lead Architect

Internal team knowledge was Truly valuable

One of our Architects and Tech leads make the application in the codebase run the best possible way. This step was needed to start a comprehensive Audit Process.

The Audit process has two sides: QA and Software Development. While the Development team worked in the code review, QA guys worked on manual tests. The final result of the Audit was resumed in three reports:

  • Performance Bugs Report.
  • Code Review.
  • QA Tests Report.


Existing assets were diligently provided by Lovendo software team. They did the job in an efficient way and made versions available at all times.

Highlights in Project Rescue


Project Rescue

Project Rescue provides great results when well executed, so Audit first.

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