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Sell Your Classic

Nearshore in Colombia was the formula for this Niche Marketplace in Orlando to solve massive car photo processing

Sell Your Classic (SYC) is a well-known player in the classic car selling business in the US. With more than 15.000 unique cars available and a long road of pictures taken over the years, a refresher was needed to unify the user experience.

This is where ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) processing comes up. It was needed to download, process (crop, resize, filter, dismiss, others) and upload again all car photos on to the site.

Teravision Technologies and SYC are working together on optimizing their Marketplace in order to increase customer loyalty.

Technologies used: Amazon Web Services, Firebase, PHP, WordPress
Nearshore in Colombia
We work with a:

Fixed Scope Software Development

The Team:

The work was to deliver turnkey Project Rescue to make available all photos on an ongoing basis.

The team assigned to reload this Web Marketplace was:

  • Project Management
    Project Management
    Scrum Master
  • QA
    QA Manager
    One QA Specialist
  • Development
    Two Full Stack Developers
  • DevOps
    DevOps Specialist
  • Software Architecture
    Software Architecture
    One Software Architect

Customer team collaboration was crucial to success.

The customer gave us full access to codebase, documentation and well-known bottlenecks in the current photo processing.

To set a comprehensive code optimization of previous PHP routines, an architect and a tech lead isolate the slow code areas and substitute these segments with a new less recursive code and the option of passing bigger parameters within each call.

The Photo Processing has three sides: Extract, Transform and Load. While the Development team works on making the previous code faster, QA and DevOps guys work on ensuring all uploads are in the right place with the expected quality at the CDN.

Existing assets and code were diligently provided by the Product Owner. Multithreading all uploads were crucial to reduce processing time from hours to minutes of each gallery.

Ulises Palacios
Product Owner

“There were three things I appreciated from Teravision.

First of all, their level of knowledge and professional way to handle meetings. They realize the need for massive photo upload, independent loads and the use of Cron Jobs as nobody had before.

I just left the work in their hands.

Second. Daily meetings were rich and transparent. We corrected the course in a timely manner when needed.

Third. Commitment to sort complicated situations. They never told me “it can’t be done” and even better we saved around $7 per photo in comparison to other providers.

Essentially they never gave up, they investigated and solved.

We will work together in the near future, for sure.

Ulises Palacios – Product Owner”

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