Software Testing: Why are Unit Tests not enough for Agile QA?

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05 January 2018


Software Testing

To know and fix all the issues inside an agile software development environment by improving its quality assurance certification you must create and run all the types of test cases of the Dynamic Tests, which is a type of software testing. Unit tests are only one type of test within the types of Dynamic Tests.

Types of Dynamic Tests.

Unit Tests are QA testing that must be executed by the developer, in the code that has been created by the same developer in isolation, checking that the behavior of the code’s module is correct. This ensures that each module works properly separately, but does not ensure proper performance of the integrated system as a whole.

Integration software testing: the QA software testing Engineer must create test cases to verify that a big suit of modules works properly together. These tests must be run after the unit tests have been approved.

System Tests: Client needs must be translated into User Stories, which specify the Basic Flow and Alternate Flows of system functions, transformed into Use Cases. The QA agile testing engineers analyze Use Cases to create with them, the types of test cases for Functional Tests, to test all of the client’s requirements.

Within an agile software development environment, the QA testing Engineer must create and execute test cases. These tests depend on the individual requirements for each system and the needs of the system in each of its stages of development:

  • Performance (Stress, Performance)
  • Stability
  • Load
  • Business Cycles
  • Volume
  • GUI
  • Recovery and Fault Tolerance
  • Configuration
  • Environment
  • Styles
  • Compatibility and Conversion
  • Documentation and Procedures
  • Data Integrity and DB
  • Alfa

Acceptance Testing: These tests are created and run by the Client. They are Functional Tests of the complete mobile app development or web application development, to check all requirements, and user manual. Also, to be able to understand the requirements of the future users of the system.

Regression Testing: they run over a previously approved mobile app development or web application development, which has been modified, to ensure that they have not introduced new issues into the system modules that have not been modified as a result of the new changes. This type of change in the system may be due to inadequate practices version control, lack of consideration of the scope or context of final production and extensibility of the error that was corrected, or simply a result of the redesign of the mobile app development or web application development.

Each type of test is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the system throughout its integrated structure and each of its stages of development. Without the development of each type of test and their execution at the right time on the agile testing process, we can not certify software QA testing. A single type of test executed at the time which should not be executed does not certify the quality of all our software.

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