Maximizing Value: Key Aspects To Improve Your Agile Methodology

March 23, 2023
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Understanding and mastering Agile Methodology to maximize its value has always been one of our top priorities. We’ve established previously how these practices have become a mainstay in the tech market, accelerating processes, revamping old structures, and allowing promising ventures to flourish. Indeed, helping others with learning the basics of this methodology is a vital part of the work we’ve done over the years.

We have also mentioned how sprint practices help achieve results faster, and we’ve previously written about how Agile has become interlinked with DevOps too. Cloud computing, AI, Fintech, and Data Management have become more robust industries thanks to the advances brought by Agile.

But are we taking full advantage of this? When do we reach the point where we can safely say – “this is our maximum potential”? Most likely never.

This doesn’t mean we can’t still look around and search for improvement points. The Agile Methodology is essentially a way to accelerate processes without sacrificing quality. Given that it has such a basic structure, it becomes easy to see where many people tend to falter. By addressing these blind spots, we can find ways to maximize value. 

Eagle Vision

Continuous testing and increasing automation are some of the key features that many entrepreneurs look for when using the Agile Methodology. This is important because Agile isn’t only about the tech. There’s a key reason behind those features.

A good leader will seek to understand every step of the process. Either via liaisons (like a Product Manager or Business Analyst) or by directly engaging with the tech departments, you need to have a clear understanding of every process. A full vision will ensure that you know what to improve, when to improve it, and when to ditch an unusable iteration.

Speaking of Product Management…

The Feedback Loop

Not every organization is prepared to handle the stress of a constant and rapid pace. In an unstable environment, conflict is likely to ensue, while priorities are lost by the wayside. This is why Product Managers and other liaisons are important: you need key assets in your organization that will translate direct company needs into profitable solutions that fit your software architecture.

This type of problem can be tackled in a myriad of ways – from effective QA Testing to improved sprint sessions that lead to clear meetings, there’s a lot that leaders can do to clear the air. This leads us to our third point.

Ditch The Heavy Load

The best aspect of continuous improvement and testing is that you can get a clear picture of what’s not working anymore. For this reason, reviews and micro-process management are an essential part of the Agile Methodology’s DNA. 

If you, as a leader, know that a particular feature isn’t working, ditch it. On the other hand, if you adequately use your bi-weekly or daily meetings, you can look at not only how the entire pipeline is going along. You can also focus your efforts on new and exciting ideas to help you reach your MVP while bringing along differentiating features.

Agile Methodology has become such an integral part of our culture, that we constantly need reminders of the fact that it’s still a well of opportunities. We at Teravision have worked hard for over 20 years to bring the best results and maximize value using our Agile practices. If you have any questions or doubts about how you could improve your product pipeline, be sure to contact us.

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