5 Tips for You to Use in Your Staff Augmentation Strategy

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01 February 2024


We previously mentioned important steps to take notice of throughout the talent lifecycle, and tips as to how to ensure the process goes well. Still, when it comes to a staff augmentation project, there are many challenges that you can face. So, having knowledge of what is important for your project is crucial.

From our experience, here are 5 tips to make sure that you get the most from your IT staff augmentation team and strategy in general!

Have a Roadmap for Communications

Since clients have more control over their assigned teams, many responsibilities lie on their shoulders. However, there is one responsibility that should be shared between client and service provider, and that is communications.

When communications falter on either side, it represents a wrench in the process. This leads to shortcomings that can affect your project. The worst part is that it can happen at any stage of the project. So, you could receive talent that won’t help you achieve your goals, or even be on different pages all together.

These problems makes it necessary to have some idea of how you want to communicate with your service provider(s), and discuss each avenue of communication possible, like methodology and tools.

Knowledge Transfer is King

In staff augmentation, talent leaving a project at any stage is perfectly natural. Even so, this means that processes must be put in place to make sure that key aspects of a project are identified and properly transferred to the new teams.

Developing a dependence on a specific resource for the advancement of your project will not only hold you back, but worse could leave you stagnant. This is why revising your code constantly, keeping track of documentation and keeping your KPIs in check are important for this model to work.

Whether it be a new phase in your project, or a new project all together, understanding how the knowledge of your project is going to flow is key. This way new members of your team will spend less time trying to understand your project, and more time pushing it forward.


When a project requires a staff augmentation model, it’s expected that there will be shifts in workloads and needs. Which is why any service provider you’re going to work with should be able to meet these changes on a dime.

There are many factors that can influence the scalability that a vendor works with. From their existing talent pool, to even the number of recruiters on the job. However, the most important factor is the speed of which an engineer can join the team, and that is something a client can control, through timely feedback.

Moral of the story: really put some emphasis on the speed at which a possible vendor works at, but also give your own feedback quickly.

The Boot Should Fit… Period

This sort of ties in with the problem with communication that we mentioned first. Culture can either make or break a relationship between client and service provider. Symmetry in this area helps communications between the two. These, by avoiding the pitfalls of working from different time zones, language barriers and simple values given by the environment each party resides in.

As staff augmentation is more hands off in terms of management from the service provider. So, it’s always helpful if your service provider is actually a nearshore software development company. Nearshore software development makes sure that you work alongside companies with similar if not identical time zones and cultures. This helps establish your communication process and expectations, crucial while working with this model.

Due Diligence Can Save You Plenty of Time

There are many factors in this method that you, as a client, can control to ensure your needs are covered. From hiring a reputable service provider, to even being included in the evaluation of candidates for your project. Some providers even offer introductory calls to make sure the businesses can benefit from working with each other.

Make sure to do your research before ever hiring a service provider. In fact, have a call with them beforehand just to ensure there is some kind of spark between the two. Remember, the wrong service provider can be as dangerous to your project as anything else.

We Have You Covered There!

At Teravision Technologies, we offer all these things! In fact, before hiring our service, why don’t you book a call with us to find out what needs you have and what we can do to help you and your business.

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