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Agile Software Development & Software QA Testing Team For Rescuing Your Project

Bugs keep appearing over and over again. We know how you feel. You’ve already missed major milestones. Your in-house senior developer tells you the quality of the code your current external team is producing is sub par. The communication with your offshore development team is getting worse.

You’re starting to wonder:

Is it possible to get my project back on track using the same team?
Is it time to evaluate other options?
Can Teravision Technologies get my project back on track? Based on our 100% success rate for rescuing projects… yes, we can!

Initial Assessment:

As part of the discovery and quoting process, our specialized team will evaluate your requirements, your code, the state of your current application and your roadmap.

Agile Methodology:

Our team has a strong agile background. This is the core of how we are able to successfully time and time again meet and surpass our client’s expectations with a 100% project rescue success rate. Clear communication, flexibility and total client control getting your project back on track will never be a problem. Achieve predictable results with a better end product.

Progressive Refactoring:

We’ll keep producing new features while we improve the existing code base. This means that every time we need to work with any of the components of your Mobile App and or Web Application in order to add a new feature, we’ll analyze that module, plan the needed enhancements and execute them while we produce new functionality.

Can-do, Proactive and Problem Solving Attitude:

Our dedicated software development team is not afraid of working with your current code base. They see this as a challenge and an opportunity, not as a problem. Over the years, we’ve been able to successfully deliver projects that were previously rejected by several companies while staying on budget and time. All of our solutions follow coding standards and best practices.

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