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Seychelle Media is a digital marketing agency, specialized in the tourism sector, that uses Facebook as a base for various marketing tactics, from Social Media Marketing to PPC and SEO.

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Technologies used: MySQL, PHP
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Engagement Model:

Dedicated Software Development Team

The Team:

Our team works in SCRUM format with Seychelle Media and the team composition is the following:

  • 1 SCRUM Master
    1 SCRUM Master
  • 1 Tech Lead
    1 Tech Lead
    4 Fullstack Developers
    4 Backend Developers
  • 1 Product Owner
    1 Product Owner

The Challenge

Our main role in this web development project is integrating new features to their platform, while Seychelle’s team focuses on the front end of said features. As their dedicated software development team, including its involvement with the tourism industry, the challenges are as seasonal as the market they attend. This makes the entire process extremely dynamic, with tight deadlines and shifts in prioritization.

The Solution

We developed solid guidelines and methodologies, through a deep understanding of the project and the client’s needs, that allow us to consistently bring results to Seychelle Media. From generating a clear scope for the project, to facilitating communications with their stakeholders, this makes it easier to keep up with the deadlines.






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