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PrimaryBid is a technology platform that allows everyday investors fair access to public companies raising capital. PrimaryBid always ensures that retail investors transact at the same time and at the same price as institutional investors.


Technologies used: Node Js, Nuxt.js
Primary Bid
Engagement Model:

Dedicated Agile Software Development Team

The Team:

Our team worked in SCRUM format with Primary Bid and the team composition was the following:

  • QA
    1 QA Leader
    1 Automated QA Analyst
    2 QA Analysts
  • Development
    1 Project Manager
    1 Technical Leader
    5 Developers
  • Ownership
    1 Product Owner

 The Challenge

The company raised Series A funding OF $12MM in late 2019.

Aaron RobinsonCTO, expressed that their main challenge was the lack of capability to start all required projects to execute their go to market plan. The main reasons were: Several projects were approved to start at the same time, quick time to market goals, high cost of in-house resources.

The Solution

The company was looking for the following capabilities: Fast ramp-up time of Agile development teams, ability to manage those teams internally, ability to hire cost-effective tech resources, experience delivering projects end to end, best code quality practices, and having an available bench of resources

The company was able to ramp up and onboard a team within a week and start a new project. The client expected time to hire and onboard an in-house team of eight engineers was eight weeks. Teravision also included as part of the team a Business Analyst that was able to work along with the client’s product owner and accelerate the definition of epics and user stories.

The Results

The company was able to:


Primary Bid

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